Do you know how-to-access your
personal symbols?

Do you wish you had a STEP-by-STEP guide showing you how to open up to the feelings of being supported, guided and on the right path?

. . . to create practicle SOULutions for your life journey?

. . . to unveil the meaning & messages waiting for you?

. . . to shine a light on your inner knowing?

. . . to remember you?

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Sacred Soul Symbols Treasure Hunt!
Take the first step to remembering you!

It's as easy as SEEK-SNAP-SHARE

Each day you'll receive a Sacred Soul Symbol Prompt that guides you to search your home, work, yard, nature & heART - snap a photo with your phone & share what you have learned about the meaning of all of your favorite things!

I Love Love Love you can explore your heART with just your phone MAGIC!

It's a simple, easy and fun introduction into discovering the symbols that hold meaning for you.

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Say YES to intuitive creativity and explore this fun and easy painting process and techniques that will have you creating art that is as unique as you are!

These easy to follow courses include materials lists and links to my favorite supplies to get you started. The self paced paint-a-long video lessons let you start and stop when you want, you have control. Each class has life long access, and you can interact with me via posts in the courses to provide support, answer questions and help you on your path.

I created these online paint-a-long courses to share Joy! My friends and family ask me to paint everything from pictures, murals or fun doodles for them and their kids followed by the statement - I wish I could draw and paint! I would say yes, I can do that for you - but nothing compares to the joy you will get creating your own uniquely you art! That's where the MAGIC is and if you're a parent you can create with your kids.

I am here to tell you that EVERYONE can draw and paint! If you have drawn a stick person or painted a wall in your house you already have a few skills.

See you at the canvas! xoxo Kim

Ignite your creative spark!
Have fun exploring what lights you up from the inside & at the canvas of your heArt!

Creativity takes courage and when I started my journey back to creating in 2011 I did not know where to start, my limiting beliefs plagued me with doubt - Can I paint? Am I good enough to share this with the world? Will anyone like my art? All these feelings, doubts & questions bubbled up for me and what I learned through this intuitive painting process is that those old limiting beliefs DO NOT MATTER what matters is that you start and YOU do it for YOU! That's what intuitive painting did for me, it freed me from a corporate career that I once loved but started to feel stale and unfulfilling and brought to me to a place of remembrance of what I loved about art . . . creating what I want, when I want - FREEDOM! 

Follow your heArt!

I started small and took a little steps each week to build the confidence and momentum I needed to start my own creative path, which in turn led me to my passion - helping people like you get back to their creative heArt and discover how to live life illuminated by setting positive intentions to support the choices/changes needed to launch a life path meant for you! We are ALL life artists! And the choices we make form our reality.

The benefits of using painting as a meditative modality to relieve stress and improve your wellbeing are as endless as your imagination!

You will learn how fun and fulfilling creating can be for your mind, body and spirit. By experiencing the magic of opening your heArt to the possibility that you can create what you want more of in your life. Not only will your learn how to paint and create your unique and beautiful art, you will learn to use creating as a tool to reclaim your personal power and bring clarity to your path. 

Dive into your inner wisdom!

Experience your inner intuitive voice that's calling you to the canvas to sing to your unique song of JOY! You found me for a reason, follow your intuition and allow me guide you on your creative journey.

Beginners start HERE!

Learning to Paint is as Easy as Dip-Dap-Swoosh!

Beginner Acrylic Painting Course developed to spark your creativity and get you painting again!

Beginners start here! In this acrylic painting course you will learn a fun and easy painting process, while sprinkled in are the basics of paint mixing, painting techniques, stencils, brushes and more!

Dream Catcher

Next STEP!

Paint Your Dreams

A beginners guide to intuitive painting
with acrylics!

In this course your will learn to follow your intuition and use painting as a process or visual journal of your feelings and intentions.

  • You will set your DREAM intentions
  • Learn to use what colors call to you to create your original color pallet
  • Let go of perfection and embrace the flow of creativity
  • Channel your inner creativity as a visual outlet of your dream landscape!
  • Create a beautiful unique dream catcher that holds your dreams for you to look at and enjoy all the magic you have placed in the layers. Your personal Yantra or heArts symbol.


Whitney Freya

"Kim Sales is a master guide on your journey of creative awakening. She understands the new creative paradigm intimately and will empower you to rise to new levels of creative belief. This will ripple out into the art that is your life in a kaleidoscope of ways that will delight and inspire you. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your heART with so much power & joy!"

~ Whitney Freya, is an Inspired Living Expert, Creatively Fit Coach, Author, Speaker, Artist and Meditation Teacher.

Karen Adamski

"Kim Sales is a wonderful teacher and guide and I have enjoyed many of her teachings. Her certified Sacred Soul Symbols course is absolutely fabulous.  

As a shamanic practitioner, I have always resonated with the language of symbols and have felt the language they speak. I have already learned SO much. Kim has introduced me to new symbols, and I have learned more about the deep meanings of those symbols that I have felt connected to throughout my life.

I am inspired by Kim. And, I am inspired by the other participants in the class, and I love the community support and motivation. Through Kim's teaching, I have learned to unlock keys to my past, become more connected to my present, and focus on the abundance my future holds.  

I am truly grateful for this course, and I highly recommend it."

~ Karen Adamski, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, CCFC

Cindy Larson

Kim Sales helped me to discover a passion for painting! This past August, I had the pleasure of attending a painting retreat in Ely, MN which was hosted by Kim. As a novice (I really mean, no experience what-so-ever!), I was skeptical that I could produce anything on canvas. Through her patience and coaching, she helped me to unleash a passion for paint! Thanks to Kim, I have discovered the joy and serenity of letting the canvas come to life. I would encourage anyone, experienced painters or novices like me, to explore intuitive painting with Kim as their guide. They will be amazed at what they CAN create!

~ Cindy J. Larson, PhD, MSPH, CLS, CSSBB

Tammy Lampro

"Kim, thank you for the instruction and guidance you provided during the Wolf Painting Workshop in Ely, MN. You have an amazing ability to teach. It was easy to learn from you since you showed us what we needed to know first, then after we started painting what you showed us, you continued to provide guidance as we went along. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions about painting techniques and methods during our time together. You have a knack of being able to see clearly what needs to be conveyed and can clearly articulate what the learning needs to be. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skill with me and the students. I can’t wait to take another class from you!"

~ Tammy Lampro, MT (ASCP), MBA

Kathy Greene

"Kim is an amazing teacher whose vast experience and heart connection make her teaching style a win win! Kim clearly outlines what will be happening and then masterfully guides you through the process with calm, ease and confidence. Kim is very clear and always has a vision and the ability to lead you to the best experience possible. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of creative design but also a master on following your heart and letting it be your guide and lead. Whether you are a new painter or have been painting for a long time, taking a class with Kim will not disappoint. You will be guaranteed to learn cool tips and tricks along the way and more importantly connect with your intuitive self and heart and have fun with the process. I highly recommend any of Kim’s classes for an amazing experience." 

~ Kathleen Greene, RYT, CCFC

Lynn Ogdahl

 "Kim Sales is a supportive and encouraging coach. She creates a safe, warm, positive environment to explore and discover ones creative self. With years of creative experience to share with her clients, Kim is able to meet each one wherever they are in their creative journey, always reminding them, it's all about the process of creating, not the product. 

With Kim Sales newest course Sacred Soul Symbols, she takes you on a journey into the Cave of Symbols to discover your Souls language. Through beautiful meditations and art journaling practices, Kim will teach you easy techniques to help you tap into your inner Artist. Whether you are a seasoned Artist or new to painting, this course is sure to gift you with a new awareness of the magic
of symbolism in your life."


~ Lynn Ogdahl, CCFC